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Recent Research Highlights
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Synthetic Silicate Supports for Nanoparticles of Unique Morphology
K. A. Carrado

Pulsed X-Rays Revealed Rapid Excited-State Structural
Reorganization Faster than 10-10 Seconds

L. X. Chen

Hydration and Distribution of Ions at the Mica-Water Interface
C. Park, P. A. Fenter, M. Schlegel, K. L. Nagy and N. C. Sturchio

Structure of Zn2+ at the Rutile TiO2 (110)-aqueous Interface
Z. Zhang, J. Catalano, P. A. Fenter, et al.

A Priori Prediction of Radical-Radical Combination Reaction Rates
L. B. Harding

Plasmon Rainbows for Nanoscale Sensors and Broadband
Optical Circuitry

G. P. Wiederrecht

Mapping Electron Transfer Pathways in Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis Group

Bidirectionality of the Electron Transfer in Photosystem I
Photosynthesis Group

Focused X-Rays Reveal the Shape of Atomic Electron Clouds
Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Group

Radiation Chemistry and Photochemistry

New Insights into Catalytic Reactions on Metal Oxide
Surfaces from Computer Modeling

Electrochemical Energy Systems Group



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